Are you experiencing various rooms at different temperatures?”

What is Airconditioning Commissioning?

One of our technicians simulates various operating conditions and determines if the system is responding properly. Any discrepancies are noted, diagnosed and resolved during the commissioning. Once complete, the system is turned over to the owner in perfect working condition and in accordance with the design intent. 

What is Air Balancing?

Air balancing is the process of adjusting the systems air flows to the design, specifications and heat loads in a conditioned space. Different areas require different air flows and temperatures which is why most office buildings suffer from inconsistent temperatures. Air balancing is intended to eliminate this problem.

We are the airconditioning Adelaide specialists, and know the importance of a good air balance of each HVAC system unlike other companies in the industry, where it usually gets overlooked. The instrumentation used to take measurements is extremely sensitive and expensive and must be calibrated by a laboratory on a regular basis. Therefore, within the HVAC industry test and balance work has become a specialty field in which ACA has mastered. 

  • If the Air Balancing report shows that the unit is moving too little air, the facility manager may inherit a unit that freezes up often for no apparent reason. If the quantity of outdoor air being introduced is too great, the equipment may never get the store down to the indoor design temperature or the humidity levels in the store may be too high. 
  • If too little air is exhausted, the front doors will blow open. 
  • If too little air is exhausted, the doors may be difficult to open and the humidity within the space may become too high. 
  • If there is insufficient air at the end of a duct run, a fitting room or a stock room may be too warm or too cold. 
  • If a blower motor is drawing more than it’s rated current in order to deliver the specified air quantity, the life of the motor will be reduced significantly and it may cycle off intermittently.

After the Air Balancing work has been completed, our technician will issue a certified test and balance report.

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